Aston Villa 1-0 BWFC

02-10-2017                              MoM: Karl Henry                      

         There isn't a lot more that The Burnden Way could add on how so, so, very, very bad Bolton are. However, an alternative view that understandably hasn't been popular (don't get mad): positives.

         So, to make this verdict slightly different to every other Wanderers account, I'm going to say it: Saturday was the best we've played since Birmingham. There wasn't much to go on but allow me to give some sort of viable elaboration.

        If you look, however begrudgingly, at territory; we were much, much better. Early on, there was a mixture of looking fairly tight and competent defensively and then having a ball-carrier like Ameobi helped to make our attacking look better than it may have actually been. Now, a description of having 'more territory' would be using 'an authoritative midfield approach'. Karl Henry. An on-the-ball anonymity of Karacan was dismissed as 'decent pressing' - Henry proved Karacan has just been woeful all season.  His organisational skills, born out of being a Premier League captain, were massively overlooked by myself. I focused on his technical ability, rash tackling and the fact I don't like him as a reason to dismiss his signing. However, his intelligence was evident this weekend.

        On a more negative slant; I'd be shocked and disturbed if Beevers isn't dropped ahead of QPR. Dervite and Burke have played fewer games but looked much better (and they've been poor). I don't hav any issue with Beevers having these first couple of months to settle into Championship fooball but he simply hasn't and really doesn't look like doing. Excelled last season, if we have intentions of avoiding relegation, he can't be a regular this season.

       This piece was meant to be something offering hope and a different opinion from the generic anger. Whilst writing it, I became deflated. Literally, I'm sorry to even think it, all we have to cling to is Karl Henry offering us slightly better organisation.

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