BWFC 0-1 Sheffield United

12-09-2017                                            MoM: Mark Little

       Wanderers failed to score... again. Copy. And. Paste.

       Early on, the possession swapped hands with regularity. John Fleck wasn't at his influential best, I would put that down to the potentially inadvertent positioning of a mildly improved Josh Cullen. A mistake that led to the corner was met by another moment of defensive frailty as three Wanderers' defenders mis-stepped which allowed American youth international and Spurs loanee Cameron Carter-Vickers the time to control, get out of his feet and smash in off the post.  The second half was better in terms of aggression and wide-play ambition but the lack of a goalscorer playing off Gary Madine or any technical ability in forward positions is dramatically poor. I mean, it does suggest something when a player in his mid-30's could actually offer something needed to out side; not good.

         Now, I don't want to bang on and pick apart yet another limited performance. However, this verdict is going to have slightly more tactical analysis with my own personal options for going forward. Defensively, Wanderers went 5 at the back tonight and 4 against Boro. Boro's patterns clearly show Baker drifting wide to help on the right-hand side alongside, on his day, the most devastating winger in the division. You, naturally, double-up on him with a 5 and the left-sided centre back having less central responsibility in order to support the full back. Then, Sheff Utd play with wing-backs so tend to be fairly narrow in their build-up ply; something that suits the fat 4 - it seems as though the systems are created without tactical planning as well as being completely mixed up and incorrect against specific opposition.

           The lack of attacking quality is obviously a reason for poor build-up play but the slow, laborious lack of invention is don to Phil Parkinson's over-emphasis on being 'solid'. We aren't good enough to be consistently cautious.

          The embargo is now being used as a propaganda tool by many of the staff at the Macro club and as an excuse not a reason. Of course, its existence is still a bother (that's ignoring the fact that it still does exist) but it does not prevent the inability to change the tactical plan of literally 'hit and hope'. That seems like an over-simplistic analysis of our style but thee is really no plan.

       From what I can see, the plan is t go wide and cross (at best). If you're going to use that as your main variant, nothing wrong with it, play your best box poacher and best wide crosser - neither started nor played in their familiar position. The defensive plan has now proven to be unreliable in this division, we must become more ambitious.

        Now then, having said all of that, it's time for me to completely contradict myself.

       I think we'll beat Ipswich.

      This is because of our defensive play. They're limited in the way they l and I think it suits us (even though they've scored a few this season). 1-0 Madine.

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