Hull City 4-0 BWFC

25-08-2017                  MoM: Dorian Dervite

      This won't be long. I don't want to spend even more tie analysing and contemplating that performance ls night.

        Firstly, before the game even starts, I know t was the Cup but to have made 6 changes on the back of a positive result against an expensive side is simply bizarre and emblematic of Parkinson's biggest flaw: stubbornness. Then we start the game with 10 minutes of completely even football followed u by a simple Hull move, lack of Bolton defending before our captain going off injured to be replaced by a badly-received Darren Pratley and then we move onto some more woeful defending culminating in a 5ft9 winger getting an unmarked header. Polish international Kamil Grosicki completed the Wanderers capitulation with weak, wrong-footed defending backed up by weak, wrong-footed goalkeeper.

       Simply embarrassing fro start to finish. They've spent a lot, lot more than Bolton - as has every single other team. That does play a huge part. However, every goal conceded this season, whether goalkeeper or defender, was majorly avoidable.

       Now, as I said last night, I wouldn't even consider getting rid of Phi Parkinson this season. Especially this early. We just won't stay up with him at the helm. As someone said t me yesterday, if we di stay up this year, it will be the biggest achievement in the clubs history.

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