HMRC have issued the club with two more winding-up petitions. As reported on by The Bolton News, they do both have further details than the clean-cut 'oh dear' however, it does add to the growing list of off-the-field problems.

            They are issued against Burnden Leisure Limited and Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Company. This comes on the back of Sports Shield BWFC being issued a winding-up petition from BluMarble - yes, that one. As well as these, Wanderers have the unresolved yet active petition in relation to Whites Hotel Ltd.  

             Now, solutions are varied. According to the club, the Whites Hotel Ltd issue with catering partners Heathcote Ltd has actually been rectified; although not removed from the HM Courts and Tribunals list. Ken Anderson, who had another sly dig at the rather quiet Supporters' Trust today, has previously suggsted that the BluMarble loan is a Dean Holdsworth and Sports Shield problem, thus unrelated to Wanderers now. The other two winding-up orders have been issued today and no comment has been made with regards to the one against the club but an official statement today did confirm 'The Burnden Leisure matter is being addressed today.'

              I will admit that this article sounds completely unprofessional and has a lack of clarity and that is simply correct. There are very few Bolton fans that'll be able to completely explain the current situation but what I can say for certain is it's very difficult to spin. However, as previously shown so far, it'll be fine. Hopefully.

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