The Burnden Way was established as Remember The 33 in 2015. Since its inception, TBW has endured a relegation followed be the elation of promotion.

However, throughout the past two seasons, it has been exceedingly difficult to maintain a good quality of website and blog so focus shifted to the Twitter account instead. So, now the site has a solid platform with a decent Twitter audience, there will be a greater focus on getting more content put onto this website.

The intentions are to have the 'Wanderers News' page has exclusive to the website so links to articles won't bombard the @BurndenWay twitter feed. It will simply have month-by-month news updates on everything to do with the club, just for a slightly different angle on events. TBW blog and match reports will be tweeted out via the site. The blog will hopefully include tactical opinions, general thought and the odd themed piece. The other page 'BWFC overview' is just a way to have all facts and figures of 2017/2018 in one place.

Another update to The Burnden Way is to lose the anonymity as many did criticise 'using' this site to post views without a face to match. So that is why the author of every blog will be attached to the piece.

I would finally like to thank every follower over the last two seasons and look forward to Bolton's promotion from the Championship in 2018.

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