Last season, The Burnden Way was heavily criticised for 'negativity' with regards to our on-field style of play and unclear legitimacy off-the-field. As admitted in the first article of the 2017/2018 summer, the criticism directed at Parkinson's tactics was unnecessary and although I remain sceptical of how the club is being run, my intentions were to focus on the positives of our last two transfer windows and trust in the club's ability to get good business done.

Promotion and a good manager can only paint over so many cracks. I personally remain very confident that Wanderers will surprise many this season. I won't share my genuine prediction because it will be scoffed at. I feel this way because, whether it's illegal or not, we are getting in decent players and continue to be linked with decent players. The role of Lee Anderson remains unspecified but his help in the recruitment strategy and execution has been very impressive in both transfer windows. Now, on the pitch, we have a manager and team with a backbone. We haven't had that since Megson (I know). So, before I go into what will inevitably be described as 'boring negativity' - there are things to be hugely hopeful and optimistic about.

Less than a week into pre-season and The Trotters are embroiled in more negative headlines and uncertainty. That is undisputed. However, if you tweet that, you are simply lambasted for being 'too negative' or becoming 'LoV'. The current social media attitude to the dodgy dealings is to criticise those mentioning the fact it is actually dodgy. Dystopian. Earlier in the week, I tweeted about the totalitarian nature of the club. You step out of line or you question the criminality then you are shunned or abused. We need to wake up and realise it isn't all 100% daisy and ignoring it will not make it go away. I'm not suggesting a revolt nor am I suggesting protests, what I am suggesting is small and reasonable: realisation. The cult-like status of anybody is dangerous, when it is dedicated to a man known as superagent73, it becomes frightening. Again, I'm not dismissing what Mr Anderson and his son have seemingly done to help our club. It's just, like any human, they should not be given the ascribed status of some sort of omnipotent being. The club is, in the words of KA, bracing itself for an intense period of financial instability. His daily Facebook status on the club's website is monotonous without shedding any developments and frankly, the lies are astonishing. Yet, Twitter will make it seem as if everything is transparent and known. Even the distraction techniques of the club are cryptic (eg Ameobi tweet). There's something child-like and brainwashed by everything. They got us up, brilliant, now they have to stabilise us - not even remotely close.

I'm certain Bolton Wanderers will be fine and for some reason, I still find myself weirdly trusting the men in charge to find a way out of it. However, being able to question it and show concern at the reports will help. Apathy and ignorance culminates in blindly following. Taking on board the facts, questioning the 'regime', showing you care. This isn't negativity, it's being attached.

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