There is often an unnecessary amount of importance put on the word 'momentum' in football. Many limited pundits use it to describe teams stringing a couple of results together or a team getting a corner in a match. The common usage of the phrase means actual momentum and general good-feeling at a club becomes overlooked as normal. We aren't a normal football club, and amid the constant uncertainty around some off-the-field issues, there is serious 'momentum' at the Wanderers.

I'm often criticised for being too negative so I can't be accused of blinded bias when i suggest The Trotters are in for a seriously good season. Just last week, I published an article referencing the need for concern at some club handling.

Now, there's been a lot said about the lack of transfer activity at the Macron and how this squad isn't good enough to compete. The transfers thing baffles me. There has been just four busier clubs in the Championship than Bolton. At this point last season, we'd just completed the signing of our fourth player - we are already two up on that. Another reason I see this as short-sighted is the pattern of our last couple of windows: late dealings. Yes, it isn't the best way to do it but under a embargo, it's the best of the situation. Addressing the other notion that we aren't good enough. I strongly believe there will be 2000 travelling supporters going to St Andrews on the 15th of August top of the league. Leeds (H) and Millwall (A) is, by far, the most 'winnable' couple of games to a start of the season since our Premier League relegation. The squad not being good enough is just, plainly, an inferiority complex and Championship overestimation. Huddersfield Town, need I say more. There is a feeling of real depth and quality being added and the quite ludicrous amount of rumours is clearly a good thing.

I wrote an article on the questionable standard of the Whites' pre-season plans. Within that piece, I made the argument it could be beneficial in terms of results breeding a winning mentality albeit against noncompetitive sides in uncompetitive matches. Three wins out three with Fylde, Fleetwood, Stockport and a shady-looking Stoke at home to follow, it looks (results-wise) promising. This is clearly builiding a mentality, a better morale, a strong unit and giving Parky his chance to 'have a look'.

It seems like there is a real, real lack of confidence among supporters heading into the new season and I have said, since May, that we will do well next ear. I think it's time o start getting positive and realise we might be about to embark

upon something special.

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