A live TV game at home to the biggest fanbase in the division, first game of the season following promotion: what a day. Everybody is guilty of an extreme moment or comment about their football club, however Sunday is one of those rare exceptions. A rare exception to the pessimistic rule. It was an event that, no matter the way it goes, the supporters' must and surely will remain on side. It remarkably didn't happen.

Just 30 minutes into the new season and hundreds of fans across the stadium were disgusted enough to go downstairs. I need to ask why... I need to know that thought process.

Now, lets have a look at every possible excuse. Poor weather? Football's not for you. Beating the cue? Not 15 minutes early you're not. The main one; 2-0 down. Sure it isn't great and it wasn't what I expected but that doesn't mean you fold. If you're going to the football purely 'to watch good football and win' - Bolton isn't for you.

Two years ago was an absolute disgrace on and off the field and leaving early was actually being a good supporter (as it meant you'd actually gone). However last season gave you something to get behind. Those players actually gave you something to properly support and stick with. Their application and success gave each Bolton fan a cause and reason to get behind them. You bin that off due to a poor 30 minutes? Don't go.

This 'hard earned money' argument is just pathetic. Don't buy the ticket. How self-entitled do you have to be to buy a ticket to a game in the apparent expectation of victory. This is Bolton Wanderers. You go with the purchased guarantee of endeavour and a willing for your football club, any other pre-determined expectation means that a Championship relegation battle might drive you clinically insane.

I can understand popping off 2 maybe 3 minutes before half time if the game is playing out, I can acknowledge and potentially endorse leaving early when 4 or 5 down with 10 minutes or so to go. Dismissing and abusing after 30 minutes of our new season, on the back literal promotion, is embarrassingly woeful support. It shows you off as the narrow-minded, needlessly negative person you are. That self-entitlement has no place at the Macron, you stick with and support them.

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