August is done and dusted already and Wanderers find themselves in a fairly deep predicament. This article will try and give a personal perspective on the on and off-field developments in the first month of the season at the Macron.

So, on-the-field, a winless 5 game run in the league has been somewhat cooled by a couple of cup wins and some off-field progression. However, the worry with the 3 defeats and 2 draws would be the manner of goals conceded. They weren't goals we conceded last season. Now, I understand the financial disparity between Wanderers and the rest of the division, but the overused analysis of 'basics' was very evident. Breaking it down: 3 at home to Leeds. The first was a training-ground routine that was amazingly obvious that only Karacan and Howard seeminly read but could not prevent. The second was stationary unmarked defending with 3 centre-backs not picking up 1 striker and that third goal could've been solved with Sunday League phrase of 'play to the whistle'. If you freeze frame the defence straight after the goals at Millwall and Hull, it shows a true mess. Leaving Dave Nugent unmarked in the penalty area? I mean, its unfathomably unorganised. Especially when you compare to the tight unit of last season. Perhaps, Wheater is proving to be a huge miss, especially for the communication as Beevers looks very isolated. Then, going forward, there is no rhythm of flow. Now, the disjointed lack of attacking patterns was something very obvious last season. We got promotion in spite of our attacking play. However, the lack of incision is proving to be hugely toothless. Hopefully, the addition of Craig Noone may benefit out guile going forward.

Off-the-field, I maintain my scepticism of the Anderson's, however I fully respect and acknowledge the positivity they have created around the club. The improved amount of communication can sometimes seem bizarre but obviously its a plus. The club hasn't turned round yet, it is in a process of recovery, they are helping though. I would still believe KA didn't realise how big a job he had but he is doing it well. My scepticism stems from remaining in the longest embargo in the history of football in any federation. This is accompanied by several lies that manage to be brushed aside very cleverly and quickly by the leaders of our club. However, the liquidation of Mr Holdsworth's SportsShieldBWFC and acquisition of his shares are a huge, huge bonus. It is one of the mosyt important things to hgave happened to our club since this financial demise began. It gives true hope and saves from the grave possibility of assets being stripped amomng other concerns. Now, the hope and strive for STABILITY is here.

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