A month or so ago, I suggested Birmingham City V Bolton Wanderers was one of the worst games of football I'd ever seen. I stand by that statement and the statistics would support my opinion. Remember, not once did I criticise the performance nor the importance of the result. However, by the reaction of Lee Anderson and his social media disciples, you'd think I'd called for Phil Parkinson's immediate deportation from the country. Now remember, I specifically did not suggest anything negative about Bolton Wanderers (as a club or as a team) and yet I was greeted with a fairly unnecessarily harsh response.

Now, just 5 or 6 games later, the majority shareholder and chairman's son is asking for opinions and comments with regards to Wanderers' horrific run of form. Horrific being the polite description. I, personally, find this totally unsurprising and yet I'm still genuinely shocked at the lack of negative reaction to this bizarre diversionary stunt.

There are two options for why Mr L Anderson would tweet this; one) he, actually, will be passing on tactical tips from unqualified and angry Bolton supporters on Twitter to the manager of the football club OR two) he is completely undermining the manager of the football club with the suggestion that fan criticism and comment is welcomed by his employer's son and major club influence. Of course, the third option would seem ludicrous if it was another club - and yet it's the most realistic. It's another form of totalitarian behaviour. So, you start the season by lambasting any slightly critical thought and now, when things get worse and look likely to demise, you offer a route for calm constructive thoughts. It's completely and utterly patronising for an employee of the football club to insinuate the supporters' will be able to impact upon Phil Parkinson's tactical approach; it's almost as if it was a meaningless gesture in order to contain fair anger.... oh wait.

Tin-foil hat, Orwellian, loon, needless theorist... understandably, the idea that a club can control the general conscious of a fanbase is looked at with derision and scepticism. However, when fans' have to discuss and question "so when does Phil Parkinson get criticism" as if you're only allowed when it is the norm; this is an example of a minor social construct that benefits the powerful. The common 'divide and conquer' is an elitist ruling tactic used for hundreds of years and one could argue that the notion of setting fans against each other with dismissing the legitimacy of supporter opinion or inviting comment on an open forum is doing just that.

The worshipping of people like superagent73 is dangerous. I would never suggest Phil Parkinson should be sacked and I don't believe he should; on the other hand, he won't keep us anywhere near touching distance of 21st. You should, though, be allowed to criticise his tactical approach and game plan without being dismissed and receive aggressive responses.

It is my personal belief that Mr L Anderson has been very clever in creating such a fan club and therefore has made him immune from a lot of fair criticism about many unprofessional doings. Fair enough, his spokesman-like interaction role with supporters has helped his father get extra time away from the spotlight amid the constant off-field uncertainty too. Their overt communication contradicts the actual atmosphere of an at times, baffling situation.

The embargo has been removed. That's tremendous news. A reason as to why it took over 12 months longer than was promised has not yet been forthcoming. I'm sure it was never an issue for Ken-Jong Un. (Yes I know that's a really bad line and I could've saved it for a more serious time but it made me laugh so there. Have it.) He has done very well for the club and deserves a lot of credit - better than my expectations. The ludicrous behaviour of his son can be fairly embarrassing for the club. Sadly, without many of his followers realising his position or meaning.

So, basically, can we criticise now? Or shall we all be good boys and girls whilst settling for the miserable relegation to ensue, in exchange for barely existing as a football club. Cracks appear when the going gets tough, we might be running out of paper.

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