Now, it's been over a week since Wanderers picked up the first win of the season. The aim would've been to put this article up last week however busyness etc has pushed it back to a post 1-1 draw at home to QPR. Brilliant.

Either way, I want o try and make sense of the differences between our home game on the 23rd September and the following home game on 14th October. I'd suggest one key thing: international break. The international break is commonly thought of as a nuisance. Something that every club fan bemoans (ad rightly so) but it could *could* save Wanderers' season.

The organisation and structure looked drilled. The pattern o attacking play looked genuinely planned. The substitutes had actual meaning. Everything that happened looked as though it was meant to happen. Let's very briefly recall Brentford (H). 10 minutes off unstructured hoofs launched towards the Bees gal did nearly bring a goal. Then, it quickly fell apart. W'' move onto something slightly happier.

As soon as I saw the XI to start, apart from working out Armstrong's position, it just felt better. Vela, Amoebi would no doubt have more of an impact but then the organisation of a proper 4 and 2 proper defensive midfielders giving an actual platform. Cullen in a deep position does not work. He's very tidy and am but what's the point in being tidy and calm if you're 25 yards from our own goal. Henry take that position and unleashes our front 4 with Pratley being able to join in. Henry's presence allows Little to go down the right. This was key. Mark Little constantly bombing don he right opened space for Ameobi to cut inside; this creates a double issue for Wednesday in one area of the pitch; therefore having a nock-on effect their shape and forcing them to become unbalanced. So, by attacking them, they're unable to become natural able to build-up play. When Wednesday did manage to move forward, the defensive positioning returned to its best from last season. The Whites narrow the pitch, then forces Bannan and Lee to play out wide, they cross, we clear. Then they shoot from distances, we have a strong probability of clearing. Having two centre-backs return to form and regain confidence inevitably helps this but the unity shown after the goal-line clearance highlighted this. Then, as the game wore on, Filipe Morais came on for the fairly lacklustre in open play, Armstrong. This helped to offer Ameobi time to move around without the ball and a second threat for Wanderers. Then, Noone came on to do this job, again it worked and made sense. THEN, Josh Cullen came on in a higher position and amazingly it worked.

The most impressive thing about the game plan was relentlessness. There was the odd moment of regroup and finishing shape but after both goals Wanderers went again. There was no let-up, it really could've been 3/4. Unfortunately I was unable to make the QPR game, but from my understanding, this didn't happen and this will probably be why we came unstuck on Saturday. Last season we sat back on a half-time lead but they weren't good enough to break us down, this time we need 2 maybe 3 to be

certain otherwise, eventually, a side will score.

Regardless, Wanderers will absolutel stay up.

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