October. A month divided into two sections; on and off the pitch. A month that gave real, genuine hope on the pitch but one the that makes me increasingly worried off-the-pitch.

On-the-pitch, an unbeaten 4-match run. A home win against an under-achieving Wednesday was backed up by draws against QPR and Fulham that truthfully should've been wins. The results have given encouragement due to the abysmal performances of August and September but I'd suggest they're still fairly disappointing. 6 points from those 4 games, after the start we had, will not keep us up... but, the reason for genuine hope and real belief comes within the performances. The changing of system, the settling of an XI (especially the back-line) has hugely benefitted. We have seen how the inability to play Vela and Ameobi crucially disrupted and literally prevented an attacking pattern. However, now we have an organised structure going forward. Madine continuing his great improvement, Ameobi giving Wanderers a real threat of pace and sheer ability matched with the hard-work and off-the-ball creativity of Vela to open space for the arguably expendable Armstrong. Even though Armstrong is yet to show that much, there are signs of some technical ability but the thing that comforts me: Le Fondre, Noone, Buckley and Morais are all replacements - we have the ability to change things. This was shown in no better light than on the 14th. Cullen, Morais, Noone were all good 2nd tier substitutes and they were all happening at exactly the right time. The form showed, as I hopefully previewed in September's review and then analysed in an article a few weeks back has led me to this straightforward conclusion: we will stay up.

Now, I've well-documented my feelings towards the lunacy going on off-the-pitch. I use the term lunacy to describe the unorganised, contradictory liars that currently run our football club. This month, Mr K Anderson addressed the supporters in a club statement. This statement suggested all communications with interested buyers of our club will now be ended. He cited the specific reason being 'unhelpful speculation in the local and national media'. This is just utterly disgraceful. I, for one, question the legitimacy of his reasoning. As a man once barred from footballing involvement, I'd have suspected he be fairly well adjusted and used to the importance of minor speculation - at a bare minimum. There are no other suggestions that led me to this conclusion but SISU, Oyston, Orient? All had early successes with owners that eventually refused to save a dying club and leave. The apathy and ignorance shown by many due to last season's promotion is something that troubles me. This cannot be brushed aside now Wanderers have had an upturn in form (coincidence? Absolutely not.)

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