5 points in 4 games seemed like an unrealistic pipe-dream for this Wanderers side a few months ago. However, is the frustration of November a sign of evident on-the-pitch improvement not being capitalised upon or a reasonable response to the issues and expectations that are still not being addressed by results?

Unusually, I'm going to sit on the fence. As much as I have the urge to lambast stupid decisions by management or players costing us points; there are reasons to cling onto a bit of hope. The victory against Norwich was as comfortable a 2-0 as you're likely to see this season... until; Josh Murphy walked past the static home defence. Remarkably, the other home game of the month was a nigh-on mirror image against Reading, the only difference being we didn't learn and it actually cost us this time. Throughout October, we dropped 6 points by needlessly sitting back on slender leads. Unlike League One, Championship teams have the ability to score at least one against us, it's unnecessarily risky. So - that would be where getting annoyed at a lack of learning from mistakes is fair.

The counter-argument to that is this is simply a squad not capable of safety and any point is valuable to mounting any sort of challenge for safety. I don't necessarily subscribe to that view as I see it as a cop-out reasoning manufactured by the club propaganda. However, what I will concede is the squad wasn't able to be majorly improved in order to be competitive. The embargo, which the fans were lied to about (again and again) has massively hindered our chances. It's a shoddy excuse when the pedigree and ability of this squad is undermined and mismanaged by an extremely limited, stubborn and, becoming, arrogant tactical approach of our manager.

We will stay up.

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