An outstanding month for the Wanderers. Three huge wins and a new sense of excitement hope and positivity surrounds the Trotters; as I've said, we absolutely will stay up.

Two days into the month, the most consistent performer this season, Mark Little, ripped through Barnsley on several occasions as Wanderers won 3-1 against the direct relegation rivals. An unfortunate yet much improved away performance at the City Ground saw Wanderers go down in a valiant 3-2 before; the less said the better, Burton Albion 1-0. Two days before Christmas, the Whites set promotion chasers Cardiff into a downward spiral by dominating them 2-0 before a lacklustre yet combative display ended up the same score to Boro on boxing day. However this wonderful year for our football club ended on an almost scripted high. Our fellow automatic promotion side from 16-17, away, Gary Madine winner, first away win in 999 days - just... beautiful.

Now then, I said 'less said the better' with regards to the Burton Albion defeat at hoe on the 16th. Following that match, @BurndenWay tweeted several times about the disheartening and shambolic, careless attitudes of 6 or 7 Wanderers players in that game. Lazy, incompetent and arrogant - I stand by that. This performance only goes to give me more hope. This performance was contradicted by unlikely victories against Cardiff City and Sheffield United. So, as convoluted as it sounds, that is seriously impressive. To have had your confidence and hope shot like that but then have the mental resilience to forget it, work past it and pull off two huge, huge results for this club (results that could keep us up) is seriously impressive. Well done to every man involved but, most importantly, well done to Phil Parkinson; that is an elite level of man-management.

Of course, a monthly review just wouldn't be the same without a moan about Mr. L Anderson. Other than the fact, KA use his Facebook page *sorry* club website to announce the fact that Bolton fans working in an exploited and oppressed town that cannot afford to watch a one-goal thriller between 21st and 22nd is the reason for his inability to sustainably run a football club, there has also been his son. LA and his insistence on alienating the Wanderers fans that have any shred of critical thought and intentionally provoking groups of an incredibly loyal fanbase is extremely sad. All this while seemingly taking credit for a wonderful performance that was wonderfully well-coached against Cardiff. I'll reiterate, the club was here long before him and it'll be here long, long after him.

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