As per, I need to look at the on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch developments at the Wanderers as both have become so polarized over recent seasons, especially at the Macron. However; there was a realisation this month, almost a sense of real belief overwhelmed me. As I wrote in the international break, there was a period of time to reflect on what has been going on without the distractions of a actual football matches - it is a sleeping giant beginning to awaken.

Firstly, I'll begin with the important stuff and the on-field improvement. Admittedly, the month of March was defined by that tremendous 1-0 victory over promotion-chasing Aston Villa. A strong crowd, late kick-off on TV and the added wintry conditions meant for a game that will stick with the majority of Bolton fans for a fair few decades I am sure. The key reason mainly being the fact this should actually see Wanderers over the line. Now, of course there are some extremely difficult games to come and we do not have enough points on the board yet but it sets up a huge month in this club's history. Pretty much every month since 2015 has been a momentous tie and one that can change the course of the club's future but none more so than the coming April; therefore, a huge win against Villa has set us up for a potential miracle. Unfortunately the month also began with the disappointing defeat in the Lancashire derby with a genuinely outstanding Preston before ending with an unfortunate 2-1 defeat at Leeds despite Wanderers playing some enterprising football. Away draws to Reading and Sheffield Wednesday nearly dragged those sides below the Whites but it more stalled our momentum that had built since, bizarrely the sale of Gary Madine.

The off-the-pitch details centre around the revealing of accounts for 2016 by the chairman and majority shareholder Ken Anderson. I must admit at this stage - I have no idea about finances unless it is explained to me like a 5-year-old. However, over the past few years I have learned where to get the correct information from on social media outlets such as Twitter and judging by their reaction; I think I should be pleased? Or at least not petrified that we might not have a club to go to. Therefore, I must again admit being wrong about Mr KA and his reasoning/ability to save our club. The signing of Chinedu Obasi, yet to play, followed the late February acquisition of Jan Kirchhoff. Two players with lower-half Premier League pedigree coming into help Bolton avoid relegation to the third division. That is astute business; similar to the signing of Jem Karacan in March last season that gave Wanderers the boost that helped us just eek over the automatic promotion line.

March was an overall positive month for Bolton. However, think of it as the assist or the setting-up, the starter (insert any cliché you like) for April. I don't preview months but if I did, April would be full of unnecessary hyperbole. Honestly though, every home game has to be packed. We have 7 games to pull off one of the best survival seasons in the history of the Football League in my opinion. When the club were relegated in 2016, if anything, it helped to restore a bit of connection in the 3rd tier. The promotion in 2017 was obviously crucial in keeping the club alive but that was the first of 2 parts in beginning its rebuild. Part 2 is survival. Birmingham City tonight, at home, 3rd April 2018 makes me feel sick. Howver, we wouldn't be in a position to feel this nervous if it wasn't for the stellar work , on and off-the-pitch, we 100% will stay up.

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