NOTICE: The Burnden Way 2018-19

Following the conclusion if the 2018 FIFA World Cup, The Burnden Way has returned to being dedicated to Bolton Wanderers. Wanted to say a quick thank you to t

hose who remained a follower and interacted with the site throughout the month-long tournament.

Excitingly and yet somewhat precariously, the new season is closing in. Wanderers aren't in the best shape, i still have some hope but it is becoming extremely worrying at this stage. Anyway, my thoughts on Wanderers' season will be published on Friday - I'll save you that rant for the time being.

This post is to outline my plan for this season on the site and how I will structure the work etc. So, essentially, a general statement like this one will be posted as a "Notice" followed by the title. A "Blog" will be published twice this moth and then regularly in the 2019 half of the season. There will be monthly views under the category of "Reviews" which will be more regular in the first half of the season. The reason for a lack of blogs in the first four months is because I will be writing "Long-Reads" on alternative subjects related to football in the international break; these will replace blogs for the first half of the season. Eventually, the am will be to have published around 25-30 articles come the conclusion of the season.

Once again, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy how and what I will write for next season. I also feel like it is now time to get rid of the intentional anonymity - author of this account is Alex Lawes (@__LAWES on twitter).

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