Following promotion, The Whites were greeted on the town hall steps with huge crowds of passionate Wanderers supporters', Cliff Morris (hmm) and the unfortunate mayor.

             The evening began with some areas for younger fans to play football and enjoy themselves before videos on a big-screen showed Bolton's best moments from the 2016/17 season.

             Awkwardness ensued after this as "we've only come to see the Wanderers" rang out loud over the mayor's script. A truly brilliant moment as a pause of embarrassment consumed her. 

            The actual meaning behind this article isn't to boringly recite the days' events but really analyse its possible meaning. A town divided in a very general sense was united on Tuesday. Fans, people and 'town leaders' came together in pride and celebration - for 2nd place in League One. Now, I am not dumbing the achievement down, I am just adding some perspective and suggesting how huge this club really is. 

           An overwhelming sense of 'finally' was the main source of atmosphere as a very deserving set of fans have something to cheer about in this decade.

Bolton fan for the day Amir Khan poses  on the town hall steps in front the Trotters' loyal.

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